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Wool Tallit [Black & White Stripes] XXXS-S, TALITANIA

Wool Tallit [Black & White Stripes] XXXS-S, TALITANIA

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  • 👍🏻 THE MOST "MEHUDAR" TALLIT - Wool tallit have been almost universally preferred over cotton, silk and synthetic materials for centuries (or perhaps millenia). According to halacha wool is clearly the preferred material. It looks much nicer than the inexpensive synthetic type ("Acrylan"), is very durable, hangs nicely and breathes well.

  • 👍🏻EASY TO USE - Enjoy your Talit the way it has been used for centuries. The custom is to hold the Tallit in front of you and recite the prayer; "Baruch atta Ado-noy Elo-hai-nu Melech ha'olam asher kid-sha-nu b'mitz-vo-tav v'tzi-vanu l'hit-atef b'tzitzit." then Kiss the tallit, Wrap the tallit around your shoulders and enter your personal place of prayer

  • 👍🏻A SPIRITUAL GIFT FOR SOMEONE YOU TRULY LOVE - this is a gift given from the heart and it will touch the receiving heart in ways that only something so spiritual can. Suitable for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, And a wedding chuppah

  • 👍🏻THE BEST FOR YOU - Talitania is the oldest and leading brand in the tallit industry in Israel and around the world. From the ancient to the innovative and modern, while maintaining a high standard of kashrut and quality - A combination that gives our customers the confidence in their choice. Our work stems from a commitment of respect to give our customers the best.

  • 👍🏻PERSONAL SERVICE - shipped directly from Amazon warehouse to your home.

Our colors are

  • Blue and gold Stripes
  • Blue and silver Stripes
  • Black and White Stripes
  • Black and silver Stripes
  • White Stripes
  • White and silver Stripes
  • White and gold Stripes
  • Azure and silver Stripes
  • Black Stripes

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